The History of Valentine’s Day


Not just a Hallmark holiday, the history of Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine is varied and dark but in the 14th century was marked by love, by poet Chaucer. Fast forward a few centuries and Valentine’s Day sends many scurrying to gift flowers and chocolate-filled hearts to their betrothed. It also can have the opposite effect for those who are less…attached.

Regardless of which side of the equation you fall on, I’ve decided that the pink and red day on the calendar should be a reminder to treat yourself.

DIY or nail salon; pick a pink-themed manicure.

My preference is the sanded polish, Found at Casbah day spa,  love!

pretty pink nails for Valentines

Pretty paper; I have a soft spot for stationary and loved these note cards found at Chapters.

Valentines Day Stationary

Flowers;  love from me.

Floralista Flower Studio, Walnut Grove

Alternative Valentines Day Flowers

Bubbles make pajama parties better;  Especially pink bubbles.

Haywire Pink Bub 2012

Pink Bub from Haywire

Haywire Winery Pink Bub

A wise man in my life taught me early on that love should not be expressed one day a year, but 365 — wise man indeed.

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