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What is it about circles that just work? By their very shape, they bring things together, but as a design element, they add a softness and smoothness that completes a look almost effortlessly. We seldom look to the humble circle for design inspiration unless it’s an accessory, but Stimulistas, I challenge you to consider some of these great ways to bring circles into your home and garden.





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I have a cousin (twice removed, or is it third cousin? I can never remember) who has an AMAZING horseshoe shaped kitchen. It got me thinking about why I love that kitchen so much. Sure it’s unique, but it’s also the flow. Everything seems so easy to access and comfortable with the smooth roundness and there is no sacrifice on function, in fact I think the function is improved.


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Another idea you might want to consider when it comes to the circle is tile. There are so many ways to use tiles that work to take the straight line out and bring flow in. Circular patterns or mosaics can be done with just about any type of tile, but one of the most obvious types is the already circular “penny tile”. Those who’ve been reading this blog for a while know how much I love tile and the flexibility it offers. I think penny tiles work brilliantly on walls, floors, backsplashes and more! Of course in this photo, they’ve decided to do it all and then some.


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Circles are also a natural pattern outside. Leaves, ponds, the sun and plant stems are all circular which really means the use of circles outside is a no-brainer. I’ve always thought a bench around the base of a tree is a wonderful idea for a peaceful moment with nature. Incorporate the seating with other round elements like paver patios and firepit seating setups for a full appreciation of the roundness and inclusivity nature offers.


It’s time to get a-round! Add circles to your home and yard for a softer, more natural feeling.




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