rolling island with dark blue cabinets and space for microwave


The indispensable rolling kitchen island…
We say the kitchen is the heart of the home and if this is the case, then the island is the heart of the kitchen. Many Stimulistas have been known to plan their kitchen layout around the island and in a new-build or renovation, this makes perfect sense. But what about those of us that need to make do with what we have or simply can’t see a stationary island working for us? Don’t give up on your island dream – the rolling options can be just as functional and beautiful.

Industrial Rolling Island,

Industrial Rolling Island,




True, the rolling island can’t have a sink in it, but that’s one of the only limits. Because you can reposition this island anywhere you want, it’s ideal for a wider range of uses than you’d expect. Cooking prep and baking are obvious functions, but clear it off and your rolling island can become an instant bar cart, eating bar or desk.

Build-Your-Own Island,

Build-Your Own Island,



Many of us need extra storage in the kitchen, so having an island that can be tucked away against a wall is ideal. Pull it out to make use of the extra counter top when you’re having a bake-a-thon or a girl’s night. It can also work to free up traditional counter space by repositioning appliances like the mixer, microwave or toaster oven to a new and more convenient location.




Custom DIY Island with blue cabinets and twill baskets

Custom DIY Island,




I absolutely love the idea of having a desk on the island. A few drawers makes it possible to put everything away neat and tidy, then whip the island out to toss a salad. It’s an ideal way to create more space and functionality. Let’s not forget that islands don’t have to be massive to be functional. Splurge a bit to make your island a custom fit in your space no matter the size, then be ready to move it anywhere it works best for whatever function you can dream up.



Small Rolling Island -

Small Rolling Island –




One final tip – if you found the perfect island, but it doesn’t have wheels, just hit the local hardware store for some locking rollers and you’ve get everything you need to make your kitchen an oasis!


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