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I can’t workout. I don’t know what to wear!


I know what happens when a woman spends too long in front of the closet or dresser with working out on her mind. Instead of tossing something on and getting out for a walk, attending a fitness class or going to the gym, she over thinks it and the workout does a crash and burn instead of burning calories. For some, finding workout wear can be half the battle.


I’ve been helping women with their fitness goals for many years and I’ve learned that once we hit the milestone of 40 years on the planet we don’t care as much about the things that used to push our buttons. But – and this is a big but – if we’re just getting started, or re-started on a workout routine, what to wear may turn our feet to blocks of ice.




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“This is too tight”, “this doesn’t cover my stomach”, “does this colour even work anymore?” may all sound familiar, but I’m here to tell you it just doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can and do move your body.


It’s natural to feel a little intimidated when getting into movement again, but it’s not a fashion show. Oprah has designers ready to put her in the most current, stylish trends – we don’t. I know for a fact that no other woman on the same journey is going to judge what you wear. More than anything, they will cheer you on for starting this new lifestyle towards a fitter, healthier you.



So here’s what to do when you’re getting back to moving that beautiful body of yours: start with comfort.






Use footwear that fits well and supports your feet. If you don’t have some, get good quality walking, running or cross-training shoes and additional arch supports or custom orthotics. Shoes today don’t have enough support.



Wear something that moves with your body. T-shirts or tank tops with stretch are ideal. Shorts or pants with stretch won’t hold you back or feel uncomfortable as you move. Avoid anything too billowy or bulky.





Please don’t buy anything new. This often keeps us in limbo. Just wear something you don’t mind sweating in and if you’re not sure ask someone who exercises frequently. When you achieve your first fitness goal, maybe treat yourself with a new purchase to celebrate your success.


This is the best half of your life. Celebrate it in clothes that work with you while you move!



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