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I have to admit, leggings are one of my absolute favourite clothing items. They comfortable and go with anything! Admittedly, I probably wear them too much. If this sounds familiar, then I’ve got a solution for you that doesn’t involve getting rid of all your leggings. It’s more about fooling people into thinking you’re not wearing leggings, when really, you are! Intrigued?
Moto leggings and jeggings are a beautiful invention. Combine the comfort and versatility of your favourite pair of leggings and dress them up so people think you’re wearing jeans or regular pants. Genius, right? Wearing moto leggings is pretty simple, but with an added benefit that since they look more like regular pants, you don’t have to worry so much about the length of the top you pair it with—giving you even more versatility. Seriously, these babies just keep on getting better and better.



Here’s how I would style a pair of moto leggings or jeggings for spring:






White moto jeggings from Grace and Lace

Grace and lace, moto jegging in olive, $44.00




Dynamite, v-neck tank, $29.95

Dynamite, v-neck tank, $29.95




Simons, pebbled tote, $39.95

Simons, pebbled tote, $39.95




Forever 21, blazer, $24.90

Forever 21, blazer, $24.90

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