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For many years, I’ve avoided floral prints of any kind. I guess it always gave me that stifling mothball feeling, like some heavily-perfumed aunt was going to run over and smother me in her excessive bosom and kiss me! I also saw them as being anti-masculine so thought it would be “a girl thing” that my husband wouldn’t like.




I’ve changed my ways. Modern floral prints can do great things for you decor Stimulistas. Just be wise with your choices. Don’t go to heavily into it, don’t mix too many patterns and be very, very careful if you’re considering wallpaper.




I love incorporating a single floral upholstered item into an otherwise non-floral room. Picking up on a few colours in the floral pattern makes it “fit” and gives a bit of a warm smile for those entering the room. I think that’s the thing with florals. They feel good when they are pretty and fit the decor, it’s like a happy surprise when we step into a room and find a lovely floral piece waiting for us.




Wallpaper options are abundant with choices all over the map. A bit of wisdom on floral wallpaper: make it the only floral aspect of the room, choose paper with the lightest coloured background possible and wallpaper only one wall and preferably a smaller wall rather that one massive space.



Like the upholstered items, if you choose a floral bedspread or duvet, let that stand alone in the room. Don’t be tempted to add the matching curtains. Instead, choose a colour from the floral pattern to be the curtain or paint colour. A couple of matching throw pillows work well, but add in others in those complimentary colours to avoid creating a sea of floral.

There is no need to avoid florals – they often bring cheer and warmth to a room – but keep the amount you use in check to prevent a room that feels like it was better left in the past!


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A writer since she could hold a pen, Ronda is passionate about her craft. In 2007, she kissed ‘real jobs’ goodbye and began her true occupation as a full time copywriter and freelancer. A regular contributor to a variety of publications, Ronda joyfully lives in Maple Ridge, BC in yet another renovation project home with her husband and their pets.

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