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Angelina Jolie's bathroom retreat, HELLO Magazine

Angelina Jolie’s new home, HELLO Magazine


I’m not much of a movie-star fanatic, but I caught a glimpse of Angelina Jolie’s new house in an online magazine a while back and it got me thinking about what makes her new bathroom so amazing and how we – the everyday starlet Stimulista – can create the same kind of ambiance.


I put on my “think like a movie-star” hat and considered all the features that make this bathroom a stunner.  Here are my top five ‘Oscar’ winning reasons:



1. The rug


This is something designers have really taken to lately: a high-end rug in the bathroom next to the tub. So long as you don’t slosh gallons of water when you’re in the tub (and you keep the rug away from the toilet), this is both practical and stylish.


2. The alcove with an open feel.


In just about any renovation, this classic mood-creation is possible. You’d need to forgo the traditional tub for an undermount or free-standing one and incorporate a counter-top type deck surface rather than tile, but with the right vision and trades this can be pulled off fairly easily.


3. The hotel-like vanity.


The openness and sleek top offers plenty of surface area and is both traditional and luxurious. Normally exposed plumbing would be a faux-pas, but done in this hotel-styled way, it feels airy, spacious and gives plenty of space for all the movie-star makeup any Stimulista needs during her morning routine.







4. The neutral but warm pallet


It’s not gleaming white, it’s warmer, yet still bright and incredibly neutral. Anything goes with this room yet the warmth is obvious and it doesn’t feel like anything is missing. You could add a splash of colour, or not.



5. Functional built-in storage and counter space


That countertop is perfect for spreading out your needs without disturbing something decorative at the edges. Yet, because the vanity is wide open, some things need to be tucked away once you’re doing beautifying for your next photo session. Notice the classy built-in next to the tub, within arm’s reach of the vanity.


You too can have a bathroom worthy of an epic movie star, just take a few of these hints and live the life you always knew you could. Ciao bellas!


About the Author: Ronda Payne

A writer since she could hold a pen, Ronda is passionate about her craft. In 2007, she kissed ‘real jobs’ goodbye and began her true occupation as a full time copywriter and freelancer. A regular contributor to a variety of publications, Ronda joyfully lives in Maple Ridge, BC in yet another renovation project home with her husband and their pets.

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