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I remember looking at the early plastic composite wood products years ago and thinking “well that’s not going to fool anyone, it looks like a toy.” I guess the manufacturers of those and other faux products heard me because for walls, floors, countertops and more, faux is the rage. The new faux looks amazing! From wood to leather and everything in between, faux can be more budget friendly – and life-friendly – than the real thing, not to mention offering a surprising range of applications.




Kitchen with faux wood beam ceiling design





The first time I heard about leather flooring I thought it would be a short-lived fad. Turns out, the leather tiles available aren’t all faux leather, some are reclaimed leather, repurposed to make durable, beautiful flooring. Leather-look wallpaper is definitely faux, but you wouldn’t know it when you look at it. Some companies even offer somewhat of a 3D paper to mimic the tufted leather look. No, these items aren’t cheap, but they are warm, inviting and durable.

faux leather wall tiles in a room




That durability is key to the popularity of many of the faux looks available now. You’d never consider putting leather sheets on your floor. Too expensive, not durable enough, not practical. And while wood beams are practical, the faux beams available now last forever, never warp or end up with bugs plus they weigh far less. Oh and did I mention, they definitely look like real wood? No more toyish persona here.

large basement with faux leather sofa and bar stools





Walls with faux finishes aren’t just the domain of wallpapers either. Lightweight engineered panels and planks are available to create stone, brick, wood and other surfaces within just about any room. Because they are faux finishes there is no concern of moisture (like in a bathroom) ruining the wood or staining the stone giving these materials more flexibility in application than the real deal. Even a faux marble look can be ideal for spaces where the real product isn’t practical or affordable.





Of course, there are still traditional materials made to look like different finishes. Ceramic tiles with wood grain are one option that’s become incredibly popular along with engineered flooring with a scraped finish or greying.

The new faux is a product of time and advanced technology merged with an understanding of how we live. Want the look but with better benefits? Consider some of today’s modern faux finishes.


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