Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve been on the hunt for unique and amazing gifts, perfect for spoiling your mom this year!     A daily luxury skin care routine is the gift that keeps on giving, making it the perfect gift for mom.  To kick off this week’s gift guide, here are our must-have picks from INSTYTUTUM, a luxury skin-care line that we are obsessed with!         ABOUT INSTYTUTUM   “INSTYTUTUM high-performance Skincare products are dedicated to creating FLAWLESS SKIN, since ultimately this is what all women around the world try to attain, regardless of…

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Featured floral jacket


    It goes without saying that florals will always be a go-to look for Spring. Whether it’s in a flowy top, cute swing dress, or bold pair of pants, it’s a print that’s synonymous with a new season and warmer, sunnier days ahead. But while you can find everything and anything in a floral print in all your favourite stores, it can be tough to figure out how to wear them. Should you mix and match prints? Go for a large or small print? Don’t fret my friends, I’ve got your go-to guide to wearing florals this season:   PICK ONE. It can be tempting to want to add florals to every…

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paper bag trend Khaki coloured baggy trousers with drawstring


THE PAPER BAG TREND I’ll admit, it doesn’t have the most flattering name, but the paper bag trend sure is on point for the upcoming spring season. And while the name isn’t pretty, the style sure is—and comfortable to boot! So what does the paper bag trend entail? Basically, this refers to how the garment is tied at the waist. In this case, it could be a pair of pants, shorts, or even a skirt, that has a belted waist. This style is also baggier than others—so if you’re going to play up this trend, be sure to keep proportions…

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Featured Elizabeth Arden White tea product


There is no better way to welcome spring than with a fresh new fragrance!  Lucky for us, we have White Tea by Elizabeth Arden to look forward to this May!   Use fragrance to express yourself and your energy!   One day we hit the ground running and the next we hit the snooze a few extra times.  Floral or fruity may lighten you on your feet one day and the next, you may crave a warmer scent.  Don’t just get hooked on one ‘go-to’ fragrance either.  We feel a little different every day, so give yourself options!  If you’re looking for an uncomplicated fragrance that offers…

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mens gift obsessions


VALENTINE’S DAY (OR ANY OCASSION!) GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM   Yep, Valentine’s day is tomorrow ladies!     I woke up this morning and realized that I had absolutely no idea what I was going to get for my husband!  Instant sweat!  Not to worry, the priority this morning has been to come up with a few ideas to cover, not only my butt, but yours too!     So, if you’re looking for a quick last-minute gift idea for him, I’ve discovered a couple that I think will knock his socks off!     FITNESS FUN Your guy will love…

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woman putting make up on in front of mirror


BE CREATIVE WITH THESE INNOVATIVE BEAUTY OBSESSIONS If you’re like me, you probably get tired of the same old beauty routine.  A product we used to love starts to annoy us and we start to think ‘there must be something better out there!’   Don’t worry! We always have your back!   As you probably already know,  we are obsessed with finding you products that simplify your day, make you feel great and freshen up our beauty routines! Check out what we’ve found for you so far this year!     HAIR TIE BRACELET The only thing worse than that old hair tie cramping…

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Us moms-to-be are so obsessed with all things baby, that when it comes to buying things for ourselves, we tend to put that on the back burner after bassinets, onesies and nursery decor.   Let’s give ourselves a kick in the butt!  Being pregnant isn’t easy and we can all use a little treat along the way! And if you’re looking for the perfect birthday or christmas gift for a future mom-to-be, any of these would be a welcome treat! Aside from the essentials like pants that fit and tops that flow, here are a few of my favourite pregnancy…

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Pregnancy Apps


PREGNANCY APPS! These days, there’s an App for everything and your pregnancy is NO exception! If you haven’t joined the fun yet, here are a few great reasons you should consider picking a pregnancy app: 1.) Many of them are free!  Yep, FREE.  I chose the ‘Baby Center’ App for iPhone.  It was free and updates me through auto notifications and email on a weekly basis.  Available through your App store, info at babycenter.com 2.) They provide you with lots of fun information!  For example; did you know your baby is roughly the size of a lime by week 12? 3.)…

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stimuli summer 2016 print edition

Stimuli Summer 2016 Print Edition

School is almost out, the weather is warm and sunny (most days!) and our latest print edition is bursting with the bounty of summer.   Planning your family getaway? Check out Kristine’s visit to Echo Valley ranch (pg. 22, West Coast Wanderings). Have you always wanted to plant a little herb garden? Shelley shows us how with a flavourful DIY (pg. 10). Or maybe you’re looking for ways to be the heat – Linda has concocted the perfect perfect “adult-only” popsicle recipe (pg. 16).   Let’s not forget about our pets; if your fur-baby is just as important as your…

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icy cool towel


STAY COOL WITH THE ICY COOL TOWEL You’re outside. It’s hot. The sun is beating down. You want to jump in a pool or lake for relief but that just isn’t a possibility. How do you cool down…fast? The Icy Cool Towel is an instant cooling towel that helps bring down body temperature and provide relief from heat… no refrigeration required. Simply soak the towel with water, squeeze out the excess, store in the tube and shake to activate when you’re ready to cool down. The towel is lightweight and will retain its coolness for up to four hours, is reusable…

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