feature - workout wear


    I can’t workout. I don’t know what to wear!   I know what happens when a woman spends too long in front of the closet or dresser with working out on her mind. Instead of tossing something on and getting out for a walk, attending a fitness class or going to the gym, she over thinks it and the workout does a crash and burn instead of burning calories.   I’ve been helping women with their fitness goals for many years and I’ve learned that once we hit the milestone of 40 years on the planet we don’t care as much about the things that used to push our buttons. But – and this is a big but – if we’re…

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chip mortgage: elderly couple drinking wine


      I love working with my senior clients and what really excites me is when I can present them with a solution that gives them more than they thought they could afford without losing their hard-earned equity. It’s possible with CHIP (Canadian Home Income Plan), a type of reverse mortgage that has been benefitting seniors since 2009.         A CHIP mortgage is a great option when seniors are downsizing but have debt or alternatively when they want to help out their kids. Here’s a brief explanation of how it works.        RETAIN EQUITY   I’m comfortable…

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dinner table theme for mother's day


      The voice of reason, story teller, advice giver, hand holder, shopping buddy, cheerleader, broken heart healer, housekeeper, taxi driver, events coordinator, teacher, chef, doctor, psychologist, personal shopper, problem solver, stain removal expert, bouncer, comedian, peace keeper, confidant, angel……MOM! Although we may not realize this until we are older, she IS a superhero!           Honouring Mother’s has been observed around the world since the ancient Greek times, but it wasn’t until 1908 when Anna Jarvis of the US, created a memorial for her Mother and then campaigned to create an official Mother’s Day.  …

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Precision Auto and Grip Tire employees


  April marks 20 years since Scott Waddle started Precision Auto Service to offer a customer-oriented auto care option to Langley. This community-focused business grew out of Scott’s life-long passion for cars and still maintains his philosophy of “we worry about your car so you don’t have to.”   HONESTY AND INTEGRITY In 1997, Scott opened the business, with the part-time help of a technician friend, but within just nine months he moved that technician to full-time, and the business grew from there. Scott’s vision has always been to provide Langley with quality car-servicing, honestly, and with integrity. The results show. Customers know they can trust Scott and his team and after 20 years in business, there are…

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Brand Fitness instructor encouraging a member


    Remember that ad where the woman said she wasn’t going to age gracefully, but was going to fight it every step of the way? Guess what? It’s the same thing. You can age gracefully while fighting the signs. According to Marion Brand, of Brand Fitness, it comes down to moving your body.   Yep – as much as you might have hoped for a different answer, the best medicine to slow aging is to move your body. You probably groaned when you read that and I understand why. For many, starting and maintaining a fitness routine can be…

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featured detox challenge with dumbell, fruits, and vegetables


    For many of us, springtime signals a desire for growth and change. I’ve seen a number of women who would like to introduce exercise and healthier living into their lives at this time of year, but they simply don’t feel like they have the energy, wellness or information to start. That’s why I’m launching a 21 Day Detox program, starting April 24th, to coincide with getting all that leftover Easter chocolate out of the house and the time for a fresh start!       The Brand Fitness 21 Day Detox Challenge     The 21 Day Detox…

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Close up of fawn


  Animal rescue agencies are a familiar part of Langley. They ensure dogs, cats, rabbits and even farm animals are cared for. But what about wild animals? Who do they have to care for them when things go wrong? Critter Care Wildlife Society. Critter Care takes in injured and orphaned native B.C. mammals. Squirrels to raccoons, bears to deer and everything in between. Stimuli was fortunate to speak with Winona Reinsma, the Vice President of Critter Care, to learn about the organization and its upcoming fundraiser that features artist-painted, one-of-a-kind chairs – but more about that in a bit.  …

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Autism Awareness month poster


    April is Autism Awareness Month, and as a parent of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I am compelled to do what I can to share what I have learned and to help spread awareness.       You’re driving at night, it’s dark out, you’re on a road with no streetlights. Suddenly, a beam of light emerges from the horizon and it’s bright and it begins burrowing a hole into your retinas.  It’s as if the light wants to make a home inside your brain and it wants to be the only thing you ever pay…

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feature - car


Tips from your friendly neighbourhood automotive shop, Precision Automotive!       As an Automotive Repair shop, our number one goal is to get your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule.  By performing regular maintenance, we get to know your vehicle which can help us prevent major problems from happening.   While there are many basic maintenance items that most car owners could take on, the truth is that it is usually much more convenient to have it taken care of by the pros.  You also get peace of mind knowing that everything is being done correctly and that if there is anything else that needs attention, it…

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what is love


      There’s so many ways to answer this, and if you ask a hundred different people, you’ll get just as many different answers.     As valentine’s day approaches, some may find themselves questioning and others are thinking of ways to display it.  A quick google of the word ‘love’ will tell you it’s defined as:   ‘A feeling of deep affection, admiration and fondness’.   Scientifically, it’s a combination of hormones, adrenaline, seratonin, and dopmaine that our brains release usually just long enough to ensure procreation of the species. (Not very romantic)   So, where do these ideas…

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