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feature - fur


      There are times when a Stimulista needs to bring some girly-girl into her world. It could be pink or it could be sparkly, or you could just fluff it up and go for soft, pretty fluffy things that make you smile. I love fluffy accessories. There’s something about them that brings more than softness to a space, they almost bring a sense of happiness too.       Before writing for Stimuli, one of my favourite DIY projects was creating feather lampshades for The Renovator’s and my bedroom. Despite them being what I would think of as…

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rolling island


  The indispensable rolling kitchen island… We say the kitchen is the heart of the home and if this is the case, then the island is the heart of the kitchen. Many Stimulistas have been known to plan their kitchen layout around the island and in a new-build or renovation, this makes perfect sense. But what about those of us that need to make do with what we have or simply can’t see a stationary island working for us? Don’t give up on your island dream – the rolling options can be just as functional and beautiful.     INSTANT BAR CART, EATING…

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feature -white tea


There is no better way to welcome spring than with a fresh new fragrance!  Lucky for us, we have White Tea by Elizabeth Arden to look forward to this May!   Use fragrance to express yourself and your energy!   One day we hit the ground running and the next we hit the snooze a few extra times.  Floral or fruity may lighten you on your feet one day and the next, you may crave a warmer scent.  Don’t just get hooked on one ‘go-to’ fragrance either.  We feel a little different every day, so give yourself options!  If you’re looking for an uncomplicated fragrance that offers…

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FEATURE - Statment Tees


      We may only just be reaching the end of the first month of 2017, but the fashion world is already dreaming of spring: pastels, florals—you name it; the world is ready for a new clothing season. And while spring weather may still be a few months away, there’s no harm in getting yourself ready for the upcoming season—especially when all the trends are still in full-stock in stores. So, over the next month or so, I’ll be highlighting some of my favourite upcoming spring trends to get you and your wardrobe ready for the coming season.  …

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            Who doesn’t love the sweet scent of roses? Not only are these iconic flowers beautiful to look at and enchanting to smell, but they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, making them perfect for health and skin care!           Here are some of the best reasons to start incorporating rose oil into your routine: AROMATHERAPY   Aromatherapy can do amazing things for our bodies and rose oil is no exception. Rose oil has been shown to reduce stress and help manage anxiety and depression. For a little…

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If you’re like me, you probably get tired of the same old beauty routine.  A product we used to love starts to annoy us and we start to think ‘there must be something better out there!’   Don’t worry! We always have your back!   As you probably already know,  we are obsessed with finding you products that simplify your day, make you feel great and freshen up our beauty routines!   Check out what we’ve found for you so far this year!     HAIR TIE BRACELET The only thing worse than that old hair tie cramping your wrist style is when you…

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    Wow! It’s amazing to me that Christmas is over and we are already into the second week of January!   If you’re like me, you’ve probably been feeling the pressure to set goals, create a fresh look, get healthy, and accomplish the things that you just didn’t get done in 2016.   Between preparing for the arrival of my first baby, all the exciting things we have planned for Stimuli, and managing my real estate business, some days I don’t know whether I’m coming or going!   For fun, I’ve put together a ‘starter kit’ of items and…

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          We all know someone who has fallen in love with travelling and these jet setters open up a whole new world of gift buying opportunities! To help inspire you, we thought we’d throw together our top picks, along with our friends from Walnut Grove Travel! And don’t worry, there’s an item here to fit every budget!               London Crossbody Charm Bag This cross body bag is chic and adorable! Perfect size for an iPad, phone and day excursion essentials, PLUS, customize this bag with charms to make it your…

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      Three DIY Ways to Hide the Recycling.       Recycling. I love it and hate it. I love it for the obvious reasons: it keeps things out of landfills, we have more materials in the world to reuse and it brings us together in helping the planet. On the downside is the mess. No matter what containers I use, it’s ugly and often smelly. Until such time as we renovate and can build a beautiful recycling station, I’ve taken matters into my own hands and come up with three recycling hacks to make the mess less…

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      If you haven’t heard of them, Contiki Holidays are youth travel experts serving 18-35 year olds. Since their first tour in 1962, with just one tour and one bus, fast forward to 2016 they now operate over 300 tours on 6 continents worldwide!     I was offered the opportunity to experience a Contiki tour in May of 2016, so I packed my bags and headed to Paris to what I thought would be an ordinary guided tour. I was wrong.           Upon arriving in Paris, I decided to take the Metro to…

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