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close up of using a curtain rod for storage solution


USING A CURTAIN ROD FOR STORAGE SOLUTIONS   Fix those Empty Wall Blues with a Rod!  What can you do with a metal curtain rod? If you have an empty wall, you can do a surprising amount to create convenience and interest. Grab yourself some hooks, buckets, and baskets and you go downright crazy!     HANGING RODS I’ve never been one to think that empty walls are the domain of just pictures and clocks. I tend to look for different ways to make use of space, display items and generally make things more efficient. Using hanging rods allows for this in a number of different rooms plus, it also makes a…

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Bed with brick wall bare material interior design


USING BARE MATERIALS IN YOUR HOME DESIGN Stimulistas, it’s time to go bare. Let’s walk around the house and take it all off. No – not THAT – (though that’s always fun too) what I mean is taking off the smoothness, the refined finishes, all the things that made your interior look sleek. Instead, let’s go bare and natural. Sure, the au-naturel look isn’t for everyone, but when it’s right, it can inspire warmth and comfort. See how bare materials can work for your home design below.   WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE   Sometimes bare automatically comes with our home. There might be an exposed brick wall available to turn into a feature….

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close up of diy canada flag mason jars


EASY DIY CANADA FLAG MASON JARS Happy 150th birthday Canada!  If you’re feeling as patriotic as we are this year, you have to try making these super fun and easy DIY Canada Flag mason jars!  I had so much fun doing this as they are assembled in only 5 to 10 minutes, and I love how they are perfect for decorating both indoor and outdoor spaces!   Check out our easy step-by-step guide which includes some great tips to save a bit of money and add an extra little sparkle to the finished look!         SUPPLIES   1.)  …

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feature - flowers


5 SUMMER FLOWERS THAT ARE SIMPLE AND STUNNING   I love when we can head to the garden centre and buy annuals to plant in pots around the yard. There’s no more danger of frost, and the promise of summer is already in the air, so it’s time to beautify our outdoor living space with flowers. Even if your flower power is challenged, there are varieties you can have success with!         Here are 5 of my favourite summer flowers:       COSMOS   One of my first considerations in plants (after “will I kill this overnight?”) is,…

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wooden chair for featured farmhouse decor article


  A MODERN TWIST ON FARMHOUSE DECOR There’s a rustic feeling afoot. I can always tell what design craze has really “made it” by what’s going on at current weddings and “farmhouse/country” decor has hit its stride.         When you live in a contemporary or modern-styled home it can be hard to imagine how to bring that feeling in, but it need not be complicated.           STRONG DECOR TREND Stimulistas, I even went to Pier 1 today to see if they had farmhouse/barn decor and they definitely did. That tells me two things 1)…

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Featured types of bathroom tubs


  RUB-A-DUB-DUB, WHICH TUB? 3 TYPES OF BATHROOM TUBS Tubs. They’ve been an essential part of the bathroom since, well, indoor plumbing.   Stimulistas throughout the ages have gone through everything from steel and cast iron to acrylic and fiberglass. When it comes time to use the tub, we want comfort and the sensation of being in our own oasis. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, so let’s look at the different types of bathroom tubs you can call your own oasis.         FREESTANDING The freestanding tub has gained popularity in the last few years and for good reasons….

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Featured Angelina Jolie bathroom theme


STYLING YOUR BATHROOM LIKE ANGELINA JOLIE   I’m not much of a movie-star fanatic, but I caught a glimpse of Angelina Jolie’s new house in an online magazine a while back and it got me thinking about what makes her new bathroom so amazing and how we – the everyday starlet Stimulista – can create the same kind of ambiance.   I put on my “think like a movie-star” hat and considered all the features that make this bathroom a stunner.  Here are my top five ‘Oscar’ winning reasons:         1. The rug   This is something designers have really taken to lately: a…

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featured theme rooms


      When I bought my first house and started taking on design challenges, I got caught up in theming a couple of the rooms. My favourite was a southwest theme where I’d incorporated a painted cactus in the corner, soft geometric wallpaper borders, white-washed furniture, a natural tree branch curtain rod and other elements. That was decades ago and I long since gave up on themed rooms until recently.                   For the longest time, I thought theme rooms were only the domain of kids’ spaces…     While this is a great place to do up in a theme, there…

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black bar stools at a marble kitchen counter


I remember looking at the early plastic composite wood products years ago and thinking “well that’s not going to fool anyone, it looks like a toy.” I guess the manufacturers of those and other faux products heard me because for walls, floors, countertops and more, faux is the rage. The new faux looks amazing! From wood to leather and everything in between, faux can be more budget friendly – and life-friendly – than the real thing, not to mention offering a surprising range of applications.           THE LEATHER LOOK The first time I heard about leather flooring I thought it would be a short-lived fad….

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fuzzy rug in a bedroom with macbook on bed


        Do you shy away from area rugs because you’re afraid they won’t work in your home? Stimulistas, in today’s age of laminate, hardwood and tile floors, area rugs are key to creating beautiful spaces. Even if you live in a home with carpeting and wanting to freshen up your space, area rugs are a wonderful addition.           Area rugs are great to both physically and visually warm up a room.   They also define spaces like creating a sitting area within a living room or an office space within a family room….

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