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    I’m not much of a movie-star fanatic, but I caught a glimpse of Angelina Jolie’s new house in an online magazine a while back and it got me thinking about what makes her new bathroom so amazing and how we – the everyday starlet Stimulista – can create the same kind of ambiance.   I put on my “think like a movie-star” hat and considered all the features that make this bathroom a stunner.  Here are my top five ‘Oscar’ winning reasons:         1. The rug.   This is something designers have really taken to lately: a high-end rug in the bathroom…

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featured theme rooms


      When I bought my first house and started taking on design challenges, I got caught up in theming a couple of the rooms. My favourite was a southwest theme where I’d incorporated a painted cactus in the corner, soft geometric wallpaper borders, white-washed furniture, a natural tree branch curtain rod and other elements. That was decades ago and I long since gave up on themed rooms until recently.                   For the longest time, I thought theme rooms were only the domain of kids’ spaces…     While this is a great place to do up in a theme, there…

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black bar stools at a marble kitchen counter


I remember looking at the early plastic composite wood products years ago and thinking “well that’s not going to fool anyone, it looks like a toy.” I guess the manufacturers of those and other faux products heard me because for walls, floors, countertops and more, faux is the rage. The new faux looks amazing! From wood to leather and everything in between, faux can be more budget friendly – and life-friendly – than the real thing, not to mention offering a surprising range of applications.           THE LEATHER LOOK The first time I heard about leather flooring I thought it would be a short-lived fad….

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fuzzy rug in a bedroom with macbook on bed


        Do you shy away from area rugs because you’re afraid they won’t work in your home? Stimulistas, in today’s age of laminate, hardwood and tile floors, area rugs are key to creating beautiful spaces. Even if you live in a home with carpeting and wanting to freshen up your space, area rugs are a wonderful addition.           Area rugs are great to both physically and visually warm up a room.   They also define spaces like creating a sitting area within a living room or an office space within a family room….

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Featured circle design for backyard patio with a fireplace


    What is it about circles that just work? By their very shape, they bring things together, but as a design element, they add a softness and smoothness that completes a look almost effortlessly. We seldom look to the humble circle for design inspiration unless it’s an accessory, but Stimulistas, I challenge you to consider some of these great ways to bring circles into your home and garden.           I have a cousin (twice removed, or is it third cousin? I can never remember) who has an AMAZING horseshoe shaped kitchen. It got me thinking…

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Chalk paint for monthly makeover


    Furniture in Need of a Makeover?  Carrie Thachuk and her team at The Passionate Home in downtown Langley are all about helping you create a beautiful life by creating a beautiful home. While there are great ideas to be found at The Passionate Home, not every Stimulista has time to take on that amazing furniture redesign project, or it may be that you don’t have any idea what to do with Grandma’s classic buffet to make it fit into your décor. That’s why Carrie created the Monthly Makeover contest. It’s an opportunity for you to reclaim a piece of your own furniture and love it in a new way while The Passionate…

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Living room with convenient kids storage under coffee table


    It’s a balancing act, keeping the house tidy while giving the kids freedom to learn and play. While there’s bound to be toys, puzzles, games and who-knows-what-else lying around, not many of us have the flexibility of a room that can hold the clutter while the other rooms stay “company ready.” What this leads to is a Stimulista flying around the family room, stepping on Lego and cursing, while picking things up and finding places for it all to go.         The key to avoiding cleanup mayhem is establishing a place for everything.   This…

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Featured floral jacket


    It goes without saying that florals will always be a go-to look for Spring. Whether it’s in a flowy top, cute swing dress, or bold pair of pants, it’s a print that’s synonymous with a new season and warmer, sunnier days ahead. But while you can find everything and anything in a floral print in all your favourite stores, it can be tough to figure out how to wear them. Should you mix and match prints? Go for a large or small print? Don’t fret my friends, I’ve got your go-to guide to wearing florals this season:   PICK ONE. It can be tempting to want to add florals to every…

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featured faux fur desk chair


      There are times when a Stimulista needs to bring some girly-girl into her world. It could be pink or it could be sparkly, or you could just fluff it up and go for soft, pretty fluffy things that make you smile. I love fluffy accessories. There’s something about them that brings more than softness to a space, they almost bring a sense of happiness too.       Before writing for Stimuli, one of my favourite DIY projects was creating feather lampshades for The Renovator’s and my bedroom. Despite them being what I would think of as…

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Woman reaching into a hatchback trunk


  I don’t know about you, but I love to stay organized, I like to know where my things are, that I have what I need ( and might need), and I want to find them easily.  Yes, I realize there is a little OCD in there!   I am also happy to report that at least one of my two children have paid attention to my love of organizing, especially when she likes to clean her own room!  I’m impressed with her skills! Not only do I like to have things in their place around the home, I also…

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