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      When we think about fashion trends, we often think of silhouettes, prints, or colours.  Textures are also an important feature to pay attention to when you’re looking to spruce up or update your wardrobe, and one thing that’s been on my radar for Spring/Summer, is the flirty look of fringe.           What used to be considered a solely western look has now expanded to be a texture that is more about adding extra dimension and texture to simple or traditional silhouettes and pieces in a subtle way. It could be on a top, dress, or long cardigan—whatever…

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feature - smoothies


    Smoothies are a go-to breakfast around here, but we often find ourselves stuck in a rut! There’s only so many times you can drink a mixed berry smoothie before it starts to get old, so we’ve rounded up Seven Incredible Breakfast Smoothies! These beauties are delicious, healthy, and pretty amazing to look at if you ask us!   First up, this stunning Blueberry and Coconut Layered Smoothie from Broma Bakery. These gorgeous jars of goodness are proof that you really do eat with your eyes first!       These creamy Hibiscus Berry Smoothie Bowls have the texture of soft-serve ice cream and…

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Featured Spring shoe trend


    One thing I love about Spring is finally getting to kick off those chunky winter boots for something a more flattering and more fun. Spring is a great season for shoes before it’s not too warm to only want to wear sandals, so there’s a lot of variety of styles and looks.     So what are the shoe trends for this season? Here are some highlights:       Tie it up. The lace up trend is still really big when it comes to flat for Spring/summer. This ballerina trend is ultra feminine and works great with…

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            Living with the NEW Vinyl Flooring             From: Mannington.com   For the longest time, vinyl flooring was that horrible stuff our parents put down in their kitchens and bathrooms. As Stimulistas bought homes, we proceeded to rip it out, scrape it up or put new flooring over it. But, like shag carpeting, vinyl is making a comeback in a whole new way.   From: Valleyfloorcoveringct.com   The new vinyl, known as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), should really be called LVF for Luxury Vinyl Flooring. It comes in tile or plank shapes…

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        In the spirit of Thanksgiving just passed, I have to say that I’m thankful it’s butternut squash season! This delicious vegetable is one of my favourite ingredients to cook with; it’s as versatile as it is tasty, with a richness that’s perfect for Fall and Winter meals. If you’re looking for a quick and easy recipe to warm you up during this cold and soggy weather, this soup is it. Smooth, creamy and full of Fall goodness, it’s a perfect comforting meal you can throw together in less than 30 minutes.          …

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            If last weekend’s storm told us anything, it’s that fall weather is in full force. This means it’s time to get cozy!                 One of my favourite fall trends is the maxi cardigan. A fun twist on the staple wardrobe piece, the maxi cardigan adds a little extra length, a little extra warmth, and whole lot of style to your outfit. But what’s the best way to pull it off?   Visit Dynamite for this leopard maxi cardigan!   Check out the Nixon from Love Those Shoes!…

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        One of the biggest interior trends to hit homes – and evolve rather than disappear – is the barn door. I don’t know what clever person came up with the idea, or who started making the barn door a trend a few years ago, but it has definitely taken off in all kinds of stylish ways.     Old has become new again – but definitely with some twists. While we call them barn doors, there are no creaky hinges on them. These barn doors are just “slabs” of wood or glass that slide on overhead…

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dog birthday cake recipe


  My sweet little boy recently celebrated his first birthday! Yes, you are correct in assuming my sweet little boy is actually a big, drooling, furry, dog!   As I am always making cakes for everyone in the family, I wanted to make one for Cooper. It had to be special; quality, dog-tummy-friendly ingredients, and still look somewhat birthday cake-ish. I think I was successful!   Coming up with ingredients wasn’t that difficult. I pictured a meatloaf-type construction and went from there. I used canned wild salmon and mixed it with some cooked brown rice for a binder. Then I…

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inspirational quote tshirts


Every now and then, we all need little reminders to live in the moment, enjoy life, and keep on keeping on. Now, you can wear those inspirational messages right on your sleeve—literally. It’s a trend that is putting positive vibes into our world, at a time when I think we could all agree we need it most.  Whether it’s a casual night out with friends, a trip to the beach, or a sweaty workout at the gym, these tees are great little reminders to include in your day. Here are a few of my favourite: OLD NAVY, TANK $9.97 SHE…

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It was a night straight out of the 20’s complete with a Model A Ford, hooch and sultry lingerie. The annual Forever Yours Lingerie fashion show benefiting Supportive Start took place on Friday night and it was, for lack of a better word, EPIC.   From sexy babydolls to Instagram worthy swimwear, models of all shapes, sizes and ages walked the runway looking gorgeous in dozens of styles. And the men…well, they were lookin’ FINE!   I was fortunate to have a front row seat and, as always, every piece was stunning and I want everything, but I managed to…

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