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feature - paper


I’ll admit, it doesn’t have the most flattering name, but the paper bag trend sure is on point for the upcoming spring season. And while the name isn’t pretty, the style sure is—and comfortable to boot! So what does the paper bag trend entail? Basically, this refers to how the garment is tied at the waist. In this case, it could be a pair of pants, shorts, or even a skirt, that has a belted waist. This style is also baggier than others—so if you’re going to play up this trend, be sure to keep proportions in mind and keep…

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feature - spring break


      It’s that time of year again—Spring Break. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice vacation planned—somewhere nice and warm, without snow—you may be in need of a few pieces to spice up your outfits for the hotter temperatures or a refresh on some great vacation-must haves. I’ll try not to be jealous of all you lovely ladies heading out to seek sun and beach!         Here are some of my top picks for Spring Break vacation must-haves:   A great evening dress. One thing I love to do on vacation is going out…

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feature - style


    Next up in our Spring Edit series is a fun and girly trend that I am absolutely loving. It brings together soft tones and delicate details so you can let your inner-girly out.     What I like about this trend is that it embraces feminism. Don’t get me wrong—I love the bad girl look, too, but sometimes, girls just wanna be pretty! And that’s what this trend does.   Look for light and airy colours—pastels are key here.   So how can you pull it off? Look for light and airy colours—pastels are key here. Light and…

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        Now that we’ve got that last bit of snow out of the way (hopefully), it’s time to really hunker down and get our wardrobes ready for spring. You can already feel those warmer temperatures and the smell of a new season in the air.           Next on our Spring Edit series is a trend that pretty much comes around in some fashion every year, but this year has really gone bold: stripes!   Whether you like big ones or thin ones—there is a stripe out there for you. The great thing about…

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An evening out to try on your best fabulous fit!  RSVP for the Dena’s Boutique VIP Fashion Show featuring the newest spring and summer looks from Sympli!     Every Stimulista dreams of finding a clothing line that hits all the right spots and skims over the “not so right” spots, making her look fabulous. Every. Single. Time.     Dena’s Boutique in the Village at Thunderbird Centre is the primary source in the Fraser Valley for Sympli – the clothing that checks every box for every body type. Each item is made end-to-end (from design to packaging and shipping)…

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Feature - TCVH


TOWN & COUNTRY VINTAGE HOME: A MAPLE RIDGE GEM One thing I love about the Fraser Valley is the local small businesses.  It used to be that if you wanted chic, unique clothing, you had to venture all the way to downtown Vancouver to seek out boutique stores.  Today, more and more local retailers are bringing fashion options closer to home.   When I first heard of Town and Country Vintage Home, it was for their home fashions, but once I started following them on social media, I realized that they were so much more than a home décor store….

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feature - fashion


We may be in the middle of another snowmageddon, but that’s no reason to stop our series on how you can get your wardrobe ready today for the upcoming season: Spring!   The next trend in our spring edit series in none other than the off-the-shoulder trend. This is been something that has taken the fashion world by storm—it seems every season for the past year, there is some way of wearing off-the-shoulder tops.   And while some versions of this trend are more appropriate for a night out than at the office, there are definitely variations you can adapt for any and all occasions….

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FEATURE - Beauty


    At this point in the year, Spring can’t get here fast enough! We have been teased with a couple beautiful days, some milder temperatures and the snow has melted, for now. It’s just enough to get us excited! Even though we have a few weeks to wait, there’s no reason we can start looking forward to all the wonderful goodies that will be launched this upcoming season! Check out a glimpse at some of the exciting products and spring colour trends you can expect to see from one of our favourites, Too Faced!         CHOCOLATE…

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FEATURE - Fitness Gear


        For many of us, the New Year is synonymous with new fitness goals. Maybe it’s getting back into a good routine; maybe it’s increasing your strength or flexibility. Whatever your fitness goals, one thing is important for us fashionistas: looking good while crushing those goals!         I love working out. Getting a good sweat, increasing those endorphins…but let’s be honest. Sometimes, it’s a struggle. It’s tough to get to the gym after a long day at work, or give up a precious Saturday morning sleep in to make that spin class. But, what…

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FEATURE - Statment Tees


      We may only just be reaching the end of the first month of 2017, but the fashion world is already dreaming of spring: pastels, florals—you name it; the world is ready for a new clothing season. And while spring weather may still be a few months away, there’s no harm in getting yourself ready for the upcoming season—especially when all the trends are still in full-stock in stores. So, over the next month or so, I’ll be highlighting some of my favourite upcoming spring trends to get you and your wardrobe ready for the coming season.  …

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