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For many of us, springtime signals a desire for growth and change. I’ve seen a number of women who would like to introduce exercise and healthier living into their lives at this time of year, but they simply don’t feel like they have the energy, wellness or information to start. That’s why I’m launching a 21 Day Detox program, starting April 24th, to coincide with getting all that leftover Easter chocolate out of the house and the time for a fresh start!




The Brand Fitness 21 Day Detox Challenge



The 21 Day Detox is about healthy living. This easy program takes a close look at food. In fact, sometimes even food we think is healthy (like dairy or legumes) can cause our body stress and discomfort. This can lead to sluggishness, foggy brain, lack of interest and other symptoms that aren’t any fun and keep us from our potential.



feeling fatigued
Plus, you won’t be doing this alone. There’s a Small Group Training program we run at Brand Fitness and this small but mighty team will be part of the detox program. Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready! You don’t have to go full throttle into a fitness program. The main point is to have the support of others, just like you, in the program and you can jump into moving your body when you’re ready. Whether you want to talk about food, fitness or other wellness issues, you’ve got a team behind you.



It’s about real food – not strange supplements!



The main point of the 21 Day Detox program is to learn about the things that might be keeping the best you from emerging. As part of the program you’ll receive a guide book with easy-to-understand information on eating, detoxing and maintaining new habits. You’ll also receive meal plans, recipes and shopping lists to make the process easier.



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The detox in the program is a simple, food-based approach. There are no supplements, special drinks or starvation strategies involved. We’ll be focusing instead on eliminating six common problem foods:


  • Sugar
  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Legumes
  • Alcohol


You may be surprised where some of these items pop up into our daily diet! We’ll help you understand how to avoid them for the 21 days and when that time is up you can look at how you feel without them and see what happens when you bring them back into your diet one at a time.
You’ll also be drinking a lot of water during the detox. Water is one of the best things we can put in our body to keep it running well so it’s an integral part of this program.
Are you ready to make a change to how you feel this spring? We’re ready to help! Reserve your spot now for the 21 Day Detox Challenge at


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