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Many a Stimulista has wracked her brains over the “one sink or two” debate when considering redoing her bathroom.



Whether it’s an ensuite or a main bathroom the question is an important one with opinions on both sides.




Small and modern,

Small and modern,


Obviously personal preference is important, but ultimately, it’s a question of space and usage.   



Custom luxury,

Custom luxury,



In some bathroom layouts I love the look of two sinks. In others, I take a look and want to scream why, why, why – like ice skater Nancy Kerrigan after her 1994 attack. What makes it work or not work? Space and division.




Contemporary design, list

Contemporary design, list



If two sinks are the chosen outcome, there should be some division created between them.


A massive, long counter-top doesn’t necessarily mean two sinks are the way to go. So often we see that open space and think “there’s room for two, I should put two in,” but is that space better used in another way? In most cases, with a blank open vanity, the answer is to use the space differently than just dropping a second sink in. If two sinks are the chosen outcome, there should be some division created between them. If you stick with one, build in other functions or features, like attractive storage.




Traditional style,

Traditional style, web


If you have a relatively small family that gets ready at different times you can get away with one sink. If you and your spouse are trying to brush teeth at the same time, or the kids are getting ready for school on top of each other, obviously two sinks are desirable.


Instead of just “plunking” them into a countertop, create separate spaces with a mini storage tower and separate mirrors. Not only does this give each person their own space, it creates more visual appeal. 


If sticking with one sink is the desired outcome when dealing with a long countertop, use cabinetry and detailing to break it up. Consider a raised sink and built in shelving for more interest and a spa-like look. Keep in mind how much room we all take to get ready. With makeup, blowdryers, brushes and more, there’s bound to be a need for space at the countertop.



Pretentious vanity,

Pretentious vanity,




Sometimes more is better, sometimes it isn’t. Consider your space and use before leaping to one sink or two.


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