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Today's Obsession

door protector

Save Your Doors

Our home is definitely a pet friendly place; we live with a very hairy, adorable yellow lab named Connelly. While I do contend with fur flying everywhere, we’ve been very fortunate in that he is not a door scratcher. He’s a wee bit strange in that he basically just stands there hoping we’ll see him. [...]

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From the Blogs

la biosthetique

La Biosthetique

La Biosthetique—Paris based beauty brand—has come to Vancouver and taken over the Black2Blond space on West 4th. Focusing on natural products for both hair and skin, they use real raw ingredients that don’t irritate. I got just a taste of their services, starting with a “mini” facial—a mini facial that lasted 40 minutes. I could have [...]

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wall options

Wild Walls

Stimulistas are individuals. They have their own style that flows from their clothing and makeup through to their home. They also have busy households. Kids, jobs, spouses, soccer, groceries, music lessons, and date nights – it all adds to the chaos. It can be a challenge to create a comfortable, stylish home while also meeting [...]

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benefit mascara

You Bet They’re Real

I absolutely adore Benefit products. This unique cosmetics brand came into my life about 10 years ago, when the Bay had very briefly brought the beauty line into their stores. I was instantly hooked on these high quality products with fun, retro-inspired packaging. Let me put it this way — the salesgirls knew me by [...]

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cut out

Cut Out

The art of laser cutting is a technique used to produce cutout shapes or intricate lace-like patterns on many types of materials. This style of etching adds an interesting design accent to a hem of a frock or a side detail on a bag. There are so many ways to try the trend out this [...]

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