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Today's Obsession


Beautiful on the Inside and Out

When it comes to fragrances, whether perfumes, powders, or lotions, I’m a fairly simple gal. I’m not a fan of the overtly flowery scents and tend to lean towards the lighter, fresher, more citrus/berry side of things. Having said that, I adore the beautiful bottles and packaging that grace the fragrance counters. I stand and […]

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From the Blogs


LAPS Kitten Roundup

As I read the information about Langley Animal Protection Society’s (LAPS) upcoming Kitten Roundup, I couldn’t help but hear Bob Barker from the Price is Right telling us to help control the pet population and have our pets spayed or neutered. Even after decades of I’m disgusted by the fact that three separate litters of […]

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Stenciling is Still “In”

Sometime in the 90s, stenciling made a massive comeback in home décor. It had been a 50’s thing, a 70s thing, and before that, it probably had similar appearances and drifts throughout the years. I hadn’t seen stenciling products in the mass quantities I had back in the 90s, so was a bit surprised to […]

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John Frieda's Color Refreshing Gloss

Breathing New Life into Dull Hair Colour

I found my first gray hair at 22. At the time, I simply plucked the hair from my scalp and went on with my day. Obviously in denial, I simply brushed off the notion of going grey – there was no way it was an option for me at that point. I wasn’t even old […]

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Music Notes – Arkells

Summer is finally here. It’s time for cold drinks, laughter with friends and good music. Nothing makes me happier than a warm evening spent on the patio with the stars above me and melodies floating on the breeze. And every summer has that one song that electrifies my blood and sends shivers of joy straight […]

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Backyard Vineyard’s Wine Flight Fridays

5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Join us on Friday nights from 5 to 10 pm for a wine flight and food pairing. Take off with a red or white wine flight, which includes three 2 oz. pours of our favouriteRead More »

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