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Today's Obsession


Wrap Your Pillows

One of the reasons I love this job is that I’m constantly tapping into the creativity of others – the ideas are endless. Today’s obsession is so simple, yet it’s genius. Two words: pillow wraps. We’re always reading that the easiest way to freshen up a space or switch your decor seasonally is with accent […]

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From the Blogs


Upcycled Bottles and Jars

Wait! Don’t throw out that mustard jar! It’s perfect for holding freshly snipped herbs, storing buttons or homemade sauces.  Making them decorative is easy and there is a hundred ways to do it. I have a little obsession with jars. Ok, actually it’s a pretty big one. The tops of my bookshelves are home to […]

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White Bean Dip with Chili Cumin

One of my Decluttered Diet essentials is a big tub of protein-filled hummus…preferably with piles of roasted garlic. I could eat plain old garlic hummus every single day with no complaints, but in the name of variety I’ve been playing with some new twists on the same idea, using different beans and flavours. This White […]

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Messy Kitchen Be Gone!

If there is one topic that home bloggers, organizers, designers and retailers talk about a lot, it’s kitchen organization. From near scientific theories to product-based approaches, there is so much information available it can be downright overwhelming. What we at Stimuli did is gather a few of our favourite tips to get your wheels turning […]

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Spring Handbag Trends

Nothing puts a spring in your step quite like a new bag. There’s just something magical about organizing all your must-haves into the compartments, showing it off on your shoulder, and matching it with items in your closet. A new bag can go a long way and turn a drab outfit into something new. Now […]

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Upcoming Events

Grim and Fischer

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

In this Wonderheads production Death meets his match in Mrs. Fischer, a tenacious granny not ready to breathe her last. This multi-award winning full-face mask comedy is a tender telling of an absurdly epi…

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